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Facebook not creating thumbnails when linking to your site

The Problem

One of the websites I help manage, we switched servers and afterwards Facebook would not create a thumbnail when you posted a link to the site. The site itself loaded fine for everyone and there were no other visible problems.

Facebook's debug tool is helpful for testing this: http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

How to Fix Samsung SCX-4016 Paper Jam 1 Error

I continually was receiving "Paper Jam 1" error on my Samsung SCX-4016 "Flatbed Laser Multifunction" Printer. Even when it was clean of jams, the error would come up every single time when trying to print.

The problem was the lever/flag that determines the paperjam fell out. It wasn't broken or bent. I wasn't moving the machine or using heavy paper. It just fell out during normal use.

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