ric·o·chet·ing (rick-oh-shay-ing)

[A] the motion of an object or projectile hitting a surface resulting in it bouncing or traveling away in a different direction.
[B] the domain originally made popular by an author of the same name.
Create your own custom Javascripts by simply filling in the blanks
PHP Scripts
PHP scripts available for download. All are free to use and can be easily customized as needed
Apache on Windows
Simple step-by-step instructions setting up an Apache web server with MySQL, PHP, and Perl/CGI on a Windows machine
December 2016
All links are now forced to HTTPS to insure everyone gets the SSL Certificate. I also removed some of the older abandon items from the menus (the pages still exist though).

April 2013
The site has been updated to use Drupal 7. I also implemented reCAPTCHA for submitting comments. I'm hoping this allows me to enable comments again without getting flooded with spam.

May 2011
The site is now living on a new server. My old host (who shall remain nameless) increased their prices across the board. I also wanted a host where PHP4 wasn't the default version and a host who had decent Python and Ruby support. I stumbled across Hawk Host advertising on webhostingtalk.com and decided to move there. So far the experience has been: more options available, less money spent, and no complaints.

April 2010
The entire domain was relaunched using Drupal and a new design. Several sections of the site have been abandon. Most of the abandon parts I will keep available indefinitely as a reference, but there are a few sections that are permanently gone. Most parts now allow commenting.

Why the change
Moving to Drupal has several advantages. The biggest one is that I can easily add new projects/pages. I have TONS of scripts and code that I regularly use that are begging to be released, but most never are (mainly due to the fact I don't want to take the time to write the documentation). Moving to Drupal also allows me to get your input via comments.

You are allowed to anonymously post comments without an account. However, non-account comments are hidden until an admin reviews and approves the comment. Creating an account allows you to post comments without waiting on a lazy admin.

Missing from the menu
There are also a few things that did not make the menu. Things like the White Paper section that should be coming as I get more stuff finally documented.