Website Background Music HTML Generator

Warning: Abandoned
This page/script has been classified as abandoned and will no longer be updated. I will keep this page here indefinitely as a reference, but it will no longer be updated and I no longer offer support of any kind regarding content found on this page.


  • The following generator creates the code necessary to put background music or sounds into your website so visitors will play music or hear sounds when they load your website. There are options for chosing loop times and display type.


  1. Find & Save the music you want to play. Save it to your computer (desktop or somewhere you can find it)
  2. Upload the music file from your computer to your website (usually a host has an "upload file" option, or just use FTP etc). NOTE: some blog/social networking sites will not allow media files because of copyright issues.
  3. Fill in the Music file address with the full address to your music file on your site
  4. Fill in the rest of the required information
  5. Generate the HTML and JavaScript code for your music (button at bottom)
  6. You can preview your script (button at bottom)
  7. Copy and Paste the Source Code into your HTML page where you want the music to play, then save the page

Music Properties
Music file address:
Loop Times:


The skins below are shown using Internet Explorer under Windows XP using Windows Media Player 9 (it also works in WMP 10 and WMP 11). If you use a browser like Firefox, the display panel is different depending on what plugin is configured to handle media files.

Display Panel
Internet Explorer 4+ (Windows XP)

Source Code